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Generally Crappy Weekend  
03:42am 03/08/2003
My son went to the hospital, twice. My mother had one nervous breakdown and is working toward a second. My brother went to jail. Our truck was impounded. I got in a fight with my roommate. I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with the same thing that put my son in the hospital. I'm still wearing the clothes I was wearing Thursday night, because I haven't had the time to change. My driver's license is suspended. One of my favorite people just told me that they've got inoperable cancer, and the chemo they're starting soon is "just to buy some time". Generally speaking life is sucking pretty hard right now. I'm all done whining now. I'll be back when things get better.
mood: melancholymelancholy
music: music stream is broken... figures.
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03:55am 05/08/2003 (UTC)
Banter of Rhetoric
Yeah, the "inoperable cancer" threw me for aloop also and is making things very un-nerving right now for me. I never really know how to act or what to say in situations like this.
Hope your son is doing better.
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