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Back form Europe  
10:00pm 12/06/2007
I did survive the journey. A good time was had by all. The Wave Gotik Treffen was a blast, and my hands are almost healed up, except for my knuckles, which could well take a few more weeks. There was quite a crowd at the Moritzbastei, and I've decided that it is the best goth/industrial venue in the world. Getting over there was a bit of a bitch. Note to self- Never fly NWA again. We got there two days late, after spending some nights in Romulus and London, and having to buy new tickets to Germany from London. See, for some reason, they routed us through Minneapolis as a layover in our journey from Ft Lauderdale, FL to London. We had a three hour layover there, and it was not enough. There was some weather in Minneapolis, so we were routed to Fargo, ND. As we pulled up to the gate at Fargo's airport, I looked out the plane's window at the cows, and got the feeling that things were about to get interesting. Things did not disappoint. We were held up for an hour by the weather in Minneapolis, which would have been ok, were it not for the other three hours we were delayed by the fact that our plane was without a working radar. By the time we arrived in Minneapolis, our plane for London was about 15 minutes gone. They would have held it for us if we had been delayed by an equipment failure, but since it was weather and not equipment that held us up (according to Norwegians With Attitude) they did not have to hold our plane, and so we were SOL. At least they put us up for the night, and got us out on the next flight to London, after only a 23 hour layover. So off to Romulus we went, and spent the night in a rather cool Best Western. When we got up, we had to re-plan our transportation, as our connecting flights between London and Leipzig were now blowed right the hell up. I managed to find us tickets, and we were off. The flight over was pretty good. The plane had these little lcd screens in the back of each seat, with a little remote control. So you could watch movies (some still in theaters) and that was cool. We got to London, and found a hotel, the Bushel and Sack. Not a bad place, but I can't think of it without having to stop myself from calling it the Ball and Sack. Then next day, we made it to Leipzig, and found our Hotel, which was really quite nice. Although two days late, we had only missed the first night of the Festival, which was no great loss, as we heard later that it had been rained out. the city was filled with freaks. The hotel was exceptionally cool, aside from the showers in the rooms, which were also amazing, except for their clear glass walls. When traveling with friends, this is the sort of thing one like to know about in advance.

More to follow.
location: Land of Caps
mood: tired
music: Imperative Reaction - Judas ([ DigitalGunfire.com ] - Long Range, Hard Hitting!)
tags: wgt
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