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an aside...  
03:57am 13/06/2007
I quote our beloved leader: "And they can try to have their votes of no confidence, but it's not going to determine -- make the determination who serves in my government."

Uhmmm ... I find this statement rather chilling. I mean, if he'd said "my cabinet" or "my (something of his)", that'd be fine. But he didn't. I hope to hell it was just a slip, and not of the Freudian variety.
I try not to take politics too seriously, but this kinda freaks me out a bit, makes me consider the concept of emigration. I don't know, reality check for me, would you? Is anyone else a bit concerned that the elected leader of a democracy would make such a statement, or is it just me?
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11:07am 13/06/2007 (UTC)
I don't know. When he said that he didn't mind having a dictator as long as it was him, that pretty much clinched it for me.
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10:08pm 13/06/2007 (UTC)
The talking monkey has always scared me. I keep trying to get Russell to move us to Canada but they actually have an immigration policy and we wouldn't be able to become citizens yet. Almost though, once I get my degree, we are becoming Canadians.
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03:48am 15/06/2007 (UTC)
Dawnst3ar's Paranormal Review
Damn near everything that man says and does scares the hell out of me....

I'm sorry, but I still cant believe that the American populace was dumb enough to elect that moron, and then to do it again.

Sometimes I hate the average man.....
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