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Stupid user of the Day!  
02:23pm 13/06/2007
Here are the note I logged from a call I had the misfortune of taking.

The user was printing on b&w printer, so Powerpoint was removing the images from it's default printing settings. When Powerpoint was told to include the images, the user was upset that they were not printed correctly, and took offense at the news that the fact that it was a B&W printer would have that effect. To have the images printed, the user would have to simply tell powerpoint to include the images when printing, or get a color printer, so they would be included by default. The user was not satisfied with this explanation, called it "baloney", and will be contacting ($name of field tech) for a second opinion.
location: Land of Caps
mood: amused
music: Heimataerde - Die Offenbarung ([ DigitalGunfire.com ] - Long Range, Hard Hitting!)
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