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Well, so much for that idea.  
01:41pm 23/09/2008
I tried to come up with something worth writing down, but every time I started to get an idea for a story about how in the nine hells of Manilow a horse made it into a ventilation duct on the 12th floor of an apartment building, sympathy for the horse trumped the hell out of the creative process. ::sigh::
location: Land of Caps
mood: frustratedfrustrated
tags: trots
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05:49pm 23/09/2008 (UTC)
Spring Dew: highland cow
Go collaborative. I'll start ...

Plainly it was meant to be a snack.
picword: highland cow
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05:23pm 26/09/2008 (UTC)
... and thus was the lesson learned: When arranging to have a surprise party catered by a retarded super-hero, be sure they understand the menu, as an otherwise admirable attempt to guess the meaning of "hors d'oeuvres" can have tragic consequences.
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05:24pm 26/09/2008 (UTC)
Spring Dew
Also, turning the A/C all the way on is NOT adequate refrigeration.
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08:05pm 23/09/2008 (UTC)
Captain Napalm
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Douglas Adams) actually had this same scenario as a plot point. The explanation there makes as much sense as anything I could come up with.
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