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Sexism is dumb.  
02:37am 16/04/2003
So this guy calls in. Barely speaks English, has no clue about anything technical, but his wife's site is not working something about email and he wants it fixed NOW. So we slough through for a few minutes, until he finally gives up, and puts his wife, aka the account holder on the line. She speaks fluent English, immediately clarifies the issue being that her messages seem to be disappearing from the server before being retrieved from her home computer. It turns out top be a stupid-simple issue, her work box isn't leaving a copy on the server. She's appropriately embarrassed for missing something so obvious. Hey, we all screw up occasionally, no biggie. But what gets my panties all in a twist is that her hubby made the call, despite the facts that:

1. Its her account.
2. She's the technically competent one in the family
3. She's right f--king there by the phone.
4. He knows precisely fuck-all about the internet in general, or her email issue in specific!

HE calls in simply because he's the man of the house. Maybe it's a cultural thing, I dunno. What I know do know is that the problem would've gotten fixed one hell of a lot faster, if the geek had called, instead of her hubby.
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