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Mugged by a Pizza.  
08:41pm 18/10/2008
That damned pizza. Ham, bacon, Portabella mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, asiago cheese, with a mighty fine pesto sauce. When it showed up, I thought I could handle it; I thought I was a man, that no pizza could take me in a fair fight. But I was wrong... so very wrong.

I had a pretty good morning, got some stuff done. Made war on Comcast, and was victorious, figured out how to burn tivo'd things to DVD, got my desk "handled", a bunch of papers filed, and the radiator replaced, the cats fed and boxes scooped, and also figured out how to make my tivo play videos from my computer. Then I got hungry, and decided to break for lunch. That was my first mistake. I let my momentum fade, thinking that I could just get it back. The pizza was tasty, which may have led me to eat a bit more than I should have, and I figured a bit of TV while lunch settled in before getting back to work would be a good Idea. If I had only known what I was in for. ... I didn't get off my ass for four hours! The pizza and the couch conspired against me, and faster than you can say, "my day was gone", my day was gone. So yeah, I got mugged by a pizza. Best. Mugging. Ever.

So now it's just me, some Digestives, some dates, a gallon of milk, and a Sci-Fi original movie. ... Yes, I Love Sci-Fi Original movies. It's like Ed Wood is still somehow making movies from beyond the grave! (and that almost sounds like it could be the plot of one... hrmmm)

Tomorrow, I'll pick where I left off and this time I'll keep away from the Pizza.
location: Eldemar
mood: contentcontent
tags: food, mugging
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09:25pm 19/10/2008 (UTC)
Spring Dew
You got The Itis!
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