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Makeup by Escher  
08:50am 30/10/2008
There's this chick on the train with me right now who's reflection does not match her face. I don't know how, but her reflection is asian. This would be unremarkable if she were asian, as well, but she's as white as me. It's the damnedest thing. It must be some trick of the light, but it's persistent. Like, since I got on, which would be about fifteen minutes now. She's asleep, or trying to be, and she's shifted around in her seat a few times, but that didn't make a difference. The reflection is in a window, so it's not as clear as a mirror, but there isn't any real distortion, and the illusion has more clarity than any of the smudges in the window. M-O-O-N; that spells weird.
location: choo-choo!
mood: curiouscurious
tags: mystery
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(no subject)
03:04pm 30/10/2008 (UTC)
If she is as white as you, that might explain it. I have always thought you had slightly Asian looking eyes. :P
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07:38pm 30/10/2008 (UTC)
Geeky Chick
take a picture of the reflection.
i know asian.. i will be the judge of it :P
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