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So, the election...  
10:57am 04/11/2008
I voted today. The thing I noticed the most about the campaigns was that they both spent most of their time talking about Obama. I also noticed that McCain's attack ads seemed to be all full of insinuation and innuendo, while Obama's seemed to be about McCain's voting record. Also, Obama seemed to be a lot better at the whole campaign "thing", making fewer (a lot fewer) stupid mistakes. My only concern is that campaigning and running a country are two very different jobs, which require very different skill sets. That concern is really non-partisan, though; more of a mistrust of politicians in general than as individuals. Either way, by tomorrow, we ought to have some idea of who won this thing, unless the ghost of the hanging chad returns to haunt us, and we can all get back to doing stuff.
location: Land of Caps
mood: curiouscurious
tags: politics
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