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adventures in refinancing.  
11:36am 12/11/2008
I've decided to go with this one place for the refinancing, because I doubt that the individual company will matter as much as my credit rating. Granted, I have no idea if this is accurate, but given the first offer we got, I think it's not worthwhile to shop around just yet. So, we got an offer from this one place. The offer isn't all that great, in fact it would mean paying about 500 more dollars a month, which is not all that bad, considering that that number included the insurance and property taxes. But I'm thinking that that number is based on my credit rating, which is not as good as it could be, if my bank reported to all three credit bureaus. (the fuckers) So one rating is about 200-250 points higher than the other two. I got a Fingerhut account and a JCPenny credit card, both for about a hundred and fifty bucks. I thought those would be helpful, but it turns out that I put too much on them, (like, a hundred bucks plus a bit each) putting them too close to their limit, which actually hurt my credit rating... So I just paid some on both of them, to bring them under the 50% mark... now I have to wait a month, and see what effect, if any, this has. ¯\(º_o)/¯
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08:24pm 12/11/2008 (UTC)
Try Wells Fargo (if you haven't). That is who we refinanced with; we bundled our property taxes and insurance into the monthly payment and pulled some extra money out, got a lower rate and our payments were still lower than what they had been with our previous mortgage. :)
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