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A symphony of suck, followed by pie.  
01:43pm 20/11/2008
Here's what happened before work:
1. Car's transmission is losing reverse, and won't shift out of 2nd gear until it warms up, which caused me to be late getting to the train. (that'll be four grand to repair, damnit)
2. I missed the train this morning, resulting in 20 bucks worth of gas to drive to work, more miles on the dying transmission, and no train ride. (Yes, I really enjoy getting to ride on a train every day. I think trains are cool, and it gives me time to learn german)
3. A hole in my sock I didn't notice when I put it on, which is irritating as all hell when a toe pokes halfway through... worse than a tag on the back of one's neck.
4. Two fingernails ripped off well into their beds (about halfway down) as a result of trying to adjust said sock.

On the plus side, there was PIE which I made from scratch (including a very tasty crumb crust) last night, and brought in to work to share with my co-workers. So all in all, things are OK for the moment, and life is good.
location: Land of Caps
mood: amusedamused
tags: pie!
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