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Better by degrees...  
07:18am 10/08/2003
Well, my son is out of the hospital, my brother is out of jail, my driver's license has be reinstated, my mother's truck is free once again, my mother herself is feeling much better, my roommate and I have cleared the air and are friends again, I didn't get sick, and I finally got a shower and a change of clothes! All in all, things are looking pretty good right now. ::knocks on wood::

Also in the "happy" column, another writing of mine was accepted for publication on The City Morgue's Website. They told me that they chose it for the website because there wasn't enough room in the magazine, and they're trying to get more people to frequent the website. ... but I still think that "wasn't enough room" translates directly into "wasn't quite good enough"... but hey, I'm still shocked and amazed that they're willing to publish my stuff in any format at all, so I ain't complaining. Moreover, it means that I'm gonna see to it that the next thing I send them is good enough to make it into the real paper version. They're always looking for people to submit stuff to them so if you've got something you'd like to see published, check out their site for "submission info". The take all manner of art, prose, fiction, and photography, as long as it doesn't suck. So if you're a writer, photographer, or poet, who'd like to have their work published to a predominantly freak-oriented audience, (Hey, jeweldevil, if I hint any harder at you, I'm gonna sprain something!) feel free to submit to them.
mood: determineddetermined
music: Informatik - a Matter of Time (-: Digital Gunfire :-)
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12:56pm 11/08/2003 (UTC)
Kyng of all things Skull-ish
NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! Web does not = suck at The City Morgue. Seriously, if we don't approve a piece it won't go anywhere, web or otherwise. We have 40 pages of internal space, and I'm already making point sizes smaller and smaller. Every issue would ship with a magnifying glass, if we tried to fit everything in the pages only.
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01:23pm 11/08/2003 (UTC)
Nick Charles
I'm glad to see things are atarting to turn around a bit for ya. I know you have been having a tough time as of late and it's good to see it turn around.

I second Damion's comment. We are just trying to get more content on the website sot hat people have things to enjoy inbetween issues. We are just as picky on the stuff that goes online as we are in the print. By having anything printed on the website rather then the magazine is not a sign of "not good enough." I have even stopped writing the "Think About It" in the mag so we have that extra page, and there is no Frugal Fetish this time around either.

I hope you don't feel rejected because of being put on the web.
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