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Refinancing fun! and honor among thieves  
08:33pm 04/12/2008
So the appraisal came back higher than expected, which means that we can definitely refinance the house to a not-interest-only loan which will let us build some equity. Man, that is such a relief; I was really worried there for a while that the house would turn out to be worth less than we owed, which would trap us in an upside down mortgage. ... Just kidding! We're screwed. In the real world, the house appraised at about twenty grand shy of what is owed on it. So the refinancing is scuppered, and we get to go on paying into an interest only mortgage, with no hope of building any equity at all until the economy recovers. ... At times like this, I can understand the drive to find someone or something to blame for the mess the economy is in, but there isn't anyone to blame, which is one of the downers of living in a democracy: when it comes right down to it, directly and/or indirectly, we've done this to ourselves. ... Still sucks, though.

However, I did get my wallet back after losing it on the train to work yesterday. There was the expected idiot tax (cash, train pass, and credit cards) deducted, but Johnny on-the-spot was nice enough to turn it in to the lost and found after taking their due, so I'm not gonna cry foul. Besides, the train pass that they got was of the EDP (Employee Discount Program) variety. This is funny because using that ticket for travel will get you a fifty dollar fine for fare evasion, unless you have the accompanying EDP membership card to prove that you are justified in using the discounted train pass, which they did not take. ... Have some crisp, delicious karma, bee-yatch! (Of course, I had canceled all my cards within minutes of noticing it gone, so no harm, no foul)
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tags: mortgage
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