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Stupid cat!  
06:51pm 23/12/2008
I've never had a dream rip off a movie before; much less a movie I've not yet seen, so this made me feel more than a little bit trite.

Much less? How the hell can you have "less" never mind "much less" than never? I don't know, but it got the point across, so shut up!

Basically, I was in this group of people that had been taken off somewhere by this omnipotent (or close enough as made no difference to us) alien who was going to wipe out the human race because we suck.

Gross oversimplification, but that's what it boiled down to.

So we were getting quizzed with all these questions that were confusing (because we suck) and we having a hard time answering (because we suck). The questions were varied, with some scientific, some ethical, some aesthetic, etc, etc, There were even some physical tests, which I thought were pretty unfair. Things were looking pretty grim for the home team, all in all. Anyway, it went where you probably think it was going, and we were all protesting about the human race getting all killed. Then it got weird. _Then_ it got weird? This nearby cloud starts to glow all bright and golden, and this voice (the kind of voice that one imagines coming out of glowing clouds, must be a Jungian thing, because everyone thinks it sounds like Charlton Heston) says "These shapes are mine", sounding real protective like. We were all pretty stoked that the maker had finally decided to show up to save our asses, and we realized that the one testing us was some other random god that had wandered past our planet and decided to set up shop, since no-one was using it... like a bum with a can of raid. So then since he was right there, I asked him why he'd made us so flawed that we couldn't pass those tests and needed saving. That's when the cat woke me up. ... So close! I was so close to getting an answer or three and that stupid cat had to ruin it!

Just for the record, I'm an agnostic empiricist, and it was a dream anyway, so there.
location: Land of Caps
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: Marc Almond - Death's Diary
tags: dream
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