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Protest through civil obedience.  
01:24pm 29/01/2009
I love what these guys are doing: http://www.extremeporn.org.uk/

For those of you that don't know, the UK has enacted a law that makes "extreme porn" illegal to possess. Thing is, this law is pretty vague as to what is "extreme" (What if you and your SO have taken pictures of what you've consensually done for/to each-other?), and what is meant by "possess" (are you liable if you own an online backup service?) and they have no plans to actively enforce it. It's my belief that laws should be either enforced or repealed. I mean, if something is bad enough that the government's time and money need to be spent making it illegal, then it ought to be stopped. If a law is crappy enough that it's not worthy of enforcement, then why does it exist? In cases like this, protest through civil obedience is the way to go, I think. Choke 'em on reports, demand that the law be enforced, and put the powers that be in the position of either wasting their resources enforcing a stupid law, or repealing it. I hope it works, because the US government can be even more puritanical, and they might get ideas if this law stands for too long.
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