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Are we all pedophiles...  
09:47am 17/04/2009
according to the law? The implications of this whole "sexting" thing have me worried. For those of you that aren't aware of it, there were some teenagers charged with distributing kiddie porn for sending each-other nekkid pictures of themselves. The operative word in that sentence being "themselves". As I recall, one was charged with possession of kiddie porn for having a picture of them self on their phone. I'm not certain of the details, as I'm not going to go through court records in PA, but the questions raised are valid I think, and worrisome. If children can be charged with producing kiddie porn for taking pictures of themselves, then it follows that underage masturbation is rape, since they're having sex with someone under the age of consent. And that would mean everyone is a pedophile. (Yes, I am aware of how patently ridiculous that is) I don't actually expect the cops to immediately kick in everyone's door but I am curious as to where the line is. If you can be charged with a crime for taking a picture of yourself, then why not for touching yourself? What is the distinction, legally speaking?

And what about the millions of people whose first sexual experience was consensual sex between two minors of the same or very similar ages? Are those people all guilty of pedophilia? I don't think that any preschoolers have been accused of being sexual predators for playing doctor yet. But would anyone care to bet me fifty bucks that it won't happen in the next five years? Anyway, the apparent shift away from common sense regarding these things has me worried. Yes, I fully agree that actual sexual predators and pedophiles are very dangerous, and steps need to be taken to protect children from them, (and the best steps would involve needles, bullets and/or uncomfortable chairs) but is has been declared dangerously deviant for a 13 year old to act on their attraction to another 13 year old. WTF? Seriously, where's the line, and who's drawing it?

Lastly, the mother of my first son is 3 years older than me, and I was 16 when he was conceived. Does that make her a pedophile and a rapist?
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