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About damned time  
05:30am 21/08/2003
So school's starting for me again... I've been 9 credits (3 classes) away from my AA degree for about 3.. now nearly 4 wow years now. I finally managed to get off my lazy ass and get moving on it. I've registered for a class, and got the book, and am certain to find a pencil soon. I was hoping to get all three classes taken care of at once, but a recent (this semester) change in the configuration of prerequisites has created a logjam that I was not able to break up in time, knocking my math class ass-over-teakettle. The fact that I took so damned long to register took out the fine arts class I need, leaving me with only honors speech. ::sigh:: Well, at least I'm in motion. I was all set to start class next week, until I got an email from the prof, welcoming all her new students, and expressing how very much she was looking forward to meeting us tomorrow. ... uh-Guh!?!? So, after verifying that it was in fact I who was playing the part of the idiot in todays little drama, I gave to the sky, all dreams of sleeping today, and got down to the much more important business of wishing that I'd purchased a parking sticker sooner. So when I leave work in a few hours, my priorities are to purchase a notebook, pencil, and parking sticker, ignore any trepidation about whether or not I still know how to learn, and get my ass to class. It's a pity, too, because I just cleaned my room, changed my sheets, and was SO looking forward to grabbing a shower and drifting off to the land of nod as soon as I got home, clean and happy, beginning my weekend with a nice long nap. If memory serves, I'll be able to get some sleep once class starts, so it's not all that bad.

I am really looking forward to starting school again. I was in school before for a few years, and managed to hold an unweighted GPA of 4 through a marriage, divorce, custody battle, several states, and a few more residences. One memorable semester, I held an 18 credit schedule, while working 3 part-time jobs and remodeling my grandmothers house. Through it all, I held a flat 4. I was quite proud of myself. Then, one semester, I got a regular 'ole full time job... and all of a sudden, 9 credits of class and 1 job was too much for me, and I fucked up. I made a B and a C. It was the end of the world because I was a fucking prima donna. I got my panties all up in a bunch, and decided that if I couldn't do it right I just wouldn't fucking do it at all. So I dropped out, and spent the last 3-4 years working here at Vertigo ... growing steadily less and less satisfied with the memory of that truncated exercise in ... (can't find a word, sorry). eating away at me. I guess I finally got sick of myself, sulking like a felt-up prom queen, so I signed up last week, and started dreaming about vomiting up broken glass.

So anyway, here I am. There's only 4 hours until I find myself in a classroom again for the first time in nearly 4 years. For some reason, I'm shaking. I'm going for a smoke.
mood: curiouscurious
music: Qntal - Name Der Rose
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07:13pm 21/08/2003 (UTC)
J Daniel Valencia
i was nervous too. hope it went well.
i had a 3.42 so bite me. now i have a 3.5 and it won't get lower than that--certainly. You can always retake the courses you want A's in. A 4.0 always looks good. Make sure you have enough honors courses so you graduate with honours though.
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