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Either way, I still think he's a royal douche bag.  
01:03pm 24/04/2009
So, the main two view points on the whole torture thing seem to break down to either:

1. It gets the job done, and saving American lives is about a gazillion times more more important than the well-being of these bad, bad, men. You think they've even hesitated to torture any of our guys when they've had the chance? Besides, they want us dead. Who's side are you on, anyway?

- and -

2. What the fuck? We're supposed to be the good guys here! Besides, once you start torturing these hapless fucks they'll confess to being the goddamned Lindbergh baby if they think it'll get the electrodes off their nads.

I'm roughly of the 2nd opinion, but I've got nothing like experience or train in the field, so I must confess to a lack of a qualified opinion here. But anyway, on to the point!

I think that if they hired out a stadium for the upcoming introduction of Hannity to the courage of his convictions, they could raise a lot more money.

Hannity's mouth writes a big 'ole check that his ass is now expected to cash

I wonder if he'll actually go through with it...
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