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So Maine has legalized gay marriage...  
01:59pm 06/05/2009
On the one hand, Cool! Go Maine!

On the other, how sad is it that there has to be a law made? For the record, I don't really "support" gay marriage (or straight marriage either, truth be told) as much as I oppose its opposition and am baffled by those who do oppose it. Baffled. I don't give a good god damn who marries who, and I can't imagine a circumstance in which I would. I mean, seriously, how can a someone justify burning the calories to oppose gay marriage when we've got problems that are actually doing actual harm every day? How can any rational person decide that spending time, energy, and/or money opposing the union of people they've never met is more important than addressing any of the other problems we're facing? I mean, how does one think to onesself, " Never mind the hungry children in the US, Mexican drug lords, swine flu, a couple of wars, or the economy; there's a pair of dudes trying to get married who must be stopped or else...." and that's where my imagination blue screens. It's not so much a question of right or wrong as it is a question of how fucked up do your priorities need to be in order for you to give a damn?
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