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My Hero.  
10:03am 12/05/2009
People react to bad news in a wide variety of ways. Upon learning that they have a terminal disease, some people fall into a depression, some go through several stages of grief and arrive at a beige acceptance, and then there's the Train Rider. I don't have a terminal disease that I know of *, so I'm not really qualified to judge the appropriateness of the various responses to such news, but still, I think this fellow's response was in every way and in all respects, wholly appropriate and proper. I hope that I would react in a similar fashion.

* If you point out that life is a terminal disease, I'll point out that you're a pedantic prat who listens to too much Wolfsheim.
location: Land of Caps
mood: impressed
music: Powerman 5000 - Bombshell
tags: hero
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