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Latest news from Kires land.  
01:50pm 18/06/2009
First and foremost:

What would you taste like to a cannibal?
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In other, less important news, I just got back from the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig a few weeks ago, where much fun was had. Definitely going back next year. There was some trouble with our tickets that provided some adventure, but it got handled. My favorite thing in the world to do is dance past the point of exaustion, until it hurts to breathe, then have another shot and get back on the dance floor. In the states, clubs have to close at stupid early hours, but the Moritzbastei stayed open until 6 am every night, so I got the chance to burn myself out for four nights in a row! (Actually, three nights; the first night had a kind of weird feel, so I didn't stay long)

As an added bonus, there were concerts and mosh pits in the earlier parts of the evenings, so it was a double dose of bruising, bleeding joy. German mosh pits are different... they happen in waves according to whether the song is in a verse or the chorus, they have a much higher percentage of women in them, and the participants are very ... (I hate to use the word) "polite". Chicks in the pit are 'usually' not a good thing, as they tend to get hurt and need to be protected and/or airlifted out. (Now don't accuse me of being a sexist, I'm just saying what I've personally seen and experienced. It's not bias, it's statistics, damnit.) But these chicks weren't there because they were someone's girlfriend; they were there because they wanted to play! That was so cool! They actually took active parts, and held their own, to boot. I was impressed. My shins, arms, and ribs took a hell of a pounding, and I was well pleased. :-) I have never had so much fun crammed into four nights before in my life, with the possible exception of some times back when I was doing hard drugs, but those memories are more than a little bit fuzzy, so I'm not going to count them. The mile long walk stagger back to the hotel in the harsh, unforgiving light of day was not a lot of fun, but it was well worth it. Dancing well past one's usual ability and endurance is the very thing that god had in mind when he invented the combination of amphetamines and alcohol, I think. Despite eating all that I could, I managed to lose about five pounds that week, heh. Granted, I was pretty worthless for much of anything after that last night, but I somehow managed to make it to Dessau, to see the original Bauhaus, which for me was something akin to a holy pilgrimage. I am going to attend that school at some point in my life, mark my words.

After getting back to the states via that little slice of hell that is international travel in coach, Alanya left me for a guy she works with. That kind of sucked. Oh well; easy come, easy go. Technically, I suppose she had actually "left" me before the trip, but since she had helped pay for the trip, she came along. That was kind of awkward, going on vacation with my _very_ recent ex, but it worked out all right I guess, mainly due to the fact that we're both adults, I was too busy having the time of my life to think about it too much, and the not inconsiderable distraction that an entire city full of scantily clad German goths (gruftis) can provide. (It's like Disneyland by Dante!) So yeah, the upshot is that I'm single again. It's not all that bad. I've been having more fun in the last few weeks than I did in the months leading up to the trip, so I guess it's a good thing in the final analysis. Who knew? Hooray for rebound, I guess, lol.

Oh, and there was a week in Italy, but that's another story. I'll post more of the story of the trip later on, perhaps on the train tonight. Also, more details of the Treffen, if I can conjure the memories before they fade completely. Now, I'm off to go give blood. Wish me luck!
location: Land of Caps
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music: Cruxshadows - Heaven's Gaze
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