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Made of 100% pure and uncut FAIL  
04:45pm 05/07/2009
This past Friday night at Respects, I failed the hardest that anyone has ever failed when making a request. I don't think anyone has ever failed that hard before, and I seriously doubt that anyone will ever fail that hard again, barring, of course, the involvement of superglue. If only there was ever a category of fail beyond epic... hrmmm, lemme see.... FLAGRANT FAIL. Yes. This could be called a FLAGRANT FAIL.

I was just sitting there minding my own business at my usual perch, enjoying my 2nd Dandylion*, and all was well with the world. It was still kind of early, so there was no great crush of people. I was not familiar with the song playing, but it really sort of reminded me of Everything Counts by Depeche Mode, so, never one to miss a good idea when it comes flying past, I go trotting off to the DJ booth to make my little request, which I think will work pretty well to follow the song I'm hearing. The DJ looks at me for a few seconds with that half-hopeful, half concerned look one gets when waiting and hoping for the other person to grin or otherwise indicate they're just pretending to be a dumbass. When it becomes obvious that I am not, in fact, pretending, he says, .... wait for it .... "Um ..that's what's playing right now". The chorus went past by right about then, just to help bring the point on home. ... And thus was born, the FLAGRANT FAIL.

In all fairness, it was the extended remix, but that doesn't much help.

* Dandylion - A drink of my own invention, comprised of a double each of Goldschläger, Rumplemintz, and Frangelico. Mixed over ice, shaken and strained. I named it that because of the two distinct flavors it presents, one after the other and separated by a few seconds. First, the combination of Goldschläger and Rumplemintz punches you in the mouth with mint that can kill. The flavor is fiery, but fairly brief. It burns out after a few seconds, and that leaves the more mellow and much longer lasting flavor of the Frangelico. It's too pronounced to be called an aftertaste. It's a soft, sweet, sort of feminine flavor that follows, contrasts with, and then soothes the initial burn rather nicely. That's the 'Dandy'. The two distinct flavors get your attention, and sort of distract you from the fact that you just did six shots of hard liquor, and that's the 'Lion'. I am rather proud of that one, if I do say so myself. :-)

(and no points awarded if you thought that was just dandelion spelled poorly, you unimaginative prat)
location: Eldemar
mood: Ashamed
tags: fail
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08:56pm 05/07/2009 (UTC)
Russell and I both got a good laugh out of this ;D
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12:26pm 06/07/2009 (UTC)
Psyche: DJ
Believe me, you are far from the first person to ever request the song that is currently playing.

picword: DJ
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