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Betrayal and other selfless acts  
07:30am 27/08/2003
I don't know why, but it occurs to me that Ceasar's death scene as told by Shakespeare was not an example of betrayal. I think his last words were something like, "You too, Brutus? Then let me die". Wow. Now _that's_ loyalty. I don't think he was so willing to die because the world was such a sucky place now that his best bud had screwed him over. I think he was more saying, like, "Dude, if you really think I need to make myself scarce, then I can't argue". Humility, loyalty, and a damn near saintly ability to place the common good above his own. Imagine if he had resisted... fought back. There would have been those that took his side, that sided with him against the others. And that would have annihilated the peace he ha devoted his life to. So he went with it. I don't think it was a betrayal, anyway.... 'cause when you trust a person or persons to the degree that you'll accept their judgment if they decide you need to be dead... isn't a trust like that the kind of thing that make you something like the same person? Ceasar and Brutus knew each other for a long-assed time, and they obviously respected the fuck out of each-other, and each-other's wisdom, smarts, morals, whatever. So that if one thought the other was out of line, he could say so, and the other would respect it, and adjust accordingly. Like my roommate... if I wake up pissy he'll tell me, "Dude, you're really acting like a bitch". And I know he wouldn't say that unless he saw it, and I know he's not stupid, so i don't get mad. I think about it, and most of the time, yeah, I had my undies in a bunch. So maybe the whole Ceasar-Brutus thing was something like a gross extrapolation of that... trust taken to an extreme, but not broken, not betrayed... In fact, quite the opposite, trust that held true even unto death. ... Or maybe I've just been up too long with too much caffeine, and need to shut the fuck up and get some sleep... hrmmm.
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07:07pm 27/08/2003 (UTC)
J Daniel Valencia
I would have to say your perspective on that is unique.
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