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Seriously, does it?  
10:59am 17/07/2009
Ok, so there's fans, and then there's ... ok, you know what? I'm not even sure what to call this guy.

Does giving enough of a damn about a movie to 86 yourself over a spoiler make you a candidate for the Darwin awards?*

On the one hand, the Darwin awards aren't really intended for suicides, I suppose because you would by definition have succeeded in order for it to even be a question. But in this case, does the fact that he was stupid enough to off himself over a movie trump that consideration? Or is stupid even the defining characteristic of the Darwin awards? Might extreme fandom get him in as being unfit for reproduction, like fetishes gone awry, for instance, that fish guy that overheated on the way to the water. I'm going to have to research this....

*I'm proceeding just as if I was certain that this isn't a hoax, because I think it's an interesting question, and I just don't care enough to dig for whether or not the funny article is actual-factual true.
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05:23pm 17/07/2009 (UTC)
Well, probably a hoax as 1)the last line of the article "Elsewhere, stocks rallied on news of Goldman Sachs' joint venture with Satan."
and 2) and TRUE Harry Potter fanatic would have already read all of the books by now so that they can watch the movies and be as critical as possible, thus any spoilers would already be spoiled. :)
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