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George the lug nut... the fall.  
10:21pm 25/07/2009
At long last, George the mighty has been defeated. Done in by mine own two hands this very day. Let history show that he did not go down without a fight. He never surrendered, he never begged quarter. He was a doughty foe, but in the end his tenacity was no match for my indomitable will, legendary might, and sheer determination. The liberal application of penetrating oil and two pneumatic impact wrenches didn't hurt, either. (Seriously, two impact wrenches. He actually killed the first one.)

I'll post the full story of the battle sometime soon, probably tomorrow once I wake up and find my name. For now, I am hung over, worn out, scraped up, and, of course, profoundly satisfied with myself. :-) There shall be a shower, followed by a meal, followed by the sound of one Mr. Kires passing right the fuck out.
location: Eldemar
mood: Satisfied
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