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A PSA, and The Super Hero On The Train  
09:09am 07/08/2009
It is not nice to bring a sack full of Mcdonald's breakfast on the train with you in the morning. It makes people want to beat you up and take away your breakfast, by force if necessary. Also, the conductor is not the usual mildly annoying guy. The conductor is a replacement conductor, a spare conductor, if you will, and she has super-powers. Seriously, she needs to wear a cape and boots to work. She could be called The Shriek, or maybe the Soprano of Vengeance. Her power is her voice. It can cut glass. It can set you teeth on edge. ...You don't want to know what it does to your ears. I'm cringing as we approach every station. For some reason, she feels the need to yell into the mic, like your grandmother who is still somehow accustomed to the phones from fifty years ago. That is, if your grandmother had a voice that could cut glass. I don't how this train still has windows... or passengers. Maybe the windows are made of plexiglass or lucite or something... Yes, that must be it.
location: choo-choo!
mood: the pain! oh the pain!
music: Sherika, the Grating Soprano - Station Announcments
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