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Battle! .. and frustrating victory!  
06:36pm 19/08/2009
So the manling was finally registered for school today, after they lost his registrations from the two preceding days, when he was also registered. Apparently, the third time _is_ a charm. Short version - after about two hours of sending us around from one office to another, like some kind of hapless bureaucratic pinball game, they found the paperwork from the first registration two days ago, and it turned out that the efforts of the preceding hours had been completely unnecessary, except for finally getting us to the person that had the missing papers. :: sigh :: After the first hour, I was told that there were already two partial registrations in the system, which was causing some kind of conflict, so he would have to be registered for a third time, but since the papers were attached to the two partial registrations, they would have to be re-submitted by fax. ... WTF? Luckily, I had brought a book with me, as the school administration was in full on charlie-foxtrot mode, and nothing was happening with any rapidity. At one point, I even saw one of the ladies manning the front desk go and have a quiet cry in one of the back rooms for a few minutes. I was, and still am, astounded that anything got done at all. I don't know if something had gone horribly awry this year for them, or what. For instance, they gave me a card with a big number seven on it. This number was never called by anyone, never asked for by anyone, and in fact, no-one could tell me what it was for. Including the school rentacop; when I finally left, the he didn't want me to give it back, despite the fact that it said "Property of " in big black letters on the back of it. All in all, the registration process was a spectacular example of comedic chaos, but there was frustrating victory at the end. ... and then I went to work and there's a hurricane coming, but they say it'll turn.
location: Land of Caps
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music: the Tossers - No loot, no booze, no fun
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