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05:00pm 26/08/2009
So, when I get home tonight, I have to go right back out to an open house at my son's high school. Man, I'm pretty nervous about that. I'm going meet his teachers. His high school teachers. This will be my first time meeting high school teachers since, well, being in high school. Makes me feel kind of old, even though I'm pretty sure I'll be one of the youngest parents there. Weird. ... Anyway, I'm going to get a mohawk and a shower before I go, that should help. After that, it's off to shoot some pool with a bunch of friends I've had since high school, but only recently reconnected with, and J, a chick I've been sort of seeing for a while now; somewhere between friend and girlfriend, I think, though it hasn't been discussed or even alluded to so far, which seems just fine by all concerned. All in all, it should be a fun night.

... and suddenly, there was a free taco! ... This can only be a good omen. :-)
location: Land of Caps
mood: Expectant
music: Crossbreed - Pure Energy
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