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OK, srsly...  
11:37am 10/09/2009
One of my firmly held beliefs is that the members of any large group, be it race, religion, nationality, or political party are not all that different when it comes down to it. Yes, there are always going to be a share of nutters and extremists, but generally, the people that make up any of these groups are not going to be inherently any more honest, moral, generous, or intelligent than the members of any other. When debates turn ugly, people love to make claims to the contrary, of course, but that's just people being people. (stupid when pissed off)

but lately, I've been seeing a disturbing statistical trend*, or at least I think I have been. In short:

What the buttery fuck is wrong with the Republicans?

Ever since the election, they've been like the Keystone Cops on extacy and meth. They've got the birthers, and they're warning people about 'death panels'. They're accusing Obama of being a socialist, and comparing him to hitler. It's not that what is being said is offensive (would you be offended if someone accused you of being a goldfish?) it's that the accusations are so patently and obviously false. I don't even mean the 'can be proven to be false' kind of false, I mean the 'OMG I thought you were joking and now I'm embarrassed for you because you aren't' kind of false. Yes, I realize that it's not the main body of the Republican Party that's making the crazier accusations (for the most part) but they're not doing a whole hell of a lot to distance themselves from the stooopid. I mean, shouldn't self-interest at least seem to demand that they make some statement to the effect of "OK, you know that the crazy fuckers over there aren't with us, right?"

And the sex scandals! Not that I have anything against getting laid, mind you. I also don't think that marital fidelity has shit to do with one's skill at being a politician, or one's political beliefs. So I don't judge them for getting some on the side; that's between them and their spouses, it's none of my business. But I find it odd that it seems to be that the vast majority of sex scandals star republicans. am I missing something here, or is there a growing body of statistical evidence that the democrats are a bit less hypocritical than their republican comrades? I mean, how the hell many Republicans that went the whole "Family Values" rout to get elected end up in such embarrassing sexual scandals? Are they stupid? Are they really that stupid? And why am I not seeing anything like the orgy of political idiocy from the Democrats? Is there really some vast media conspiracy that is hushing up all the scandals the democrats are involved in? Is it selective journalism?

The numbers just aren't adding up like I think they should. Either the republicans have actually become much more stupid and lecherous than the democrats, or I'm not working with accurate data. Honestly, I'm not sure which idea worries me more. Either a major political party is trying to climb up it's own ass for no discernible reason, or the news has gone even more hinky than I thought it was...

Anyway... Anybody out there in internet land have any theories, thoughts, or flagrant guesswork as to WTF is up with that?

*note- I'm not a statistician, or even a person very good at math, so I may well be completely of base here.
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05:58pm 10/09/2009 (UTC)
"...but they're not doing a whole hell of a lot to distance themselves from the stooopid. "

Much the same could have been, and was, said about Candidate Obama and his buddy Reverend Wright.

There is, indeed, a wild-eyed fundamentalist faction of the Republican Party which is systematically disenfranchising many of us loyal members with their overblown rhetoric. But Governor Sanford's flagrant scandal, Joe Wilson's unacceptable behavior during the President's speech, these sorts of things get top billing in the media, and make it appear that all Republicans should be painted with the same brush. I'll see your Sanford and Wilson, and raise you a Bill Clinton and a Larry Craig. Oh, and a John Edwards. How about a Gary Hart? Who's winning?

Congress critters are people, afflicted with the same weaknesses as everybody else. You would think they would have the good sense not to behave badly, at least not while they're out there pretending to represent "the people." But the disdain and even outright hatred of our nation's leaders is way over the top, if you ask me. There no longer seems to be any respect for the office, if not the individual. Being civilized and courteous are things of the past. I shake my head sadly.
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