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Habits, Pensic, and Autism  
10:52pm 11/07/2010
Just for the record: Christ! this writing habit is tougher to start and keep than flossing.

And now, the post.

So it looks like the powers that be are possibly/probably not going to file actual charges against the manling. Not going to go into details about that, since it would be dumb, but there was a police dog involved, and he was in the hospital for a few weeks. But! He seems to have regained full use of that hand, the skin grafts took, and, according to the lawyer, there's a deadline coming up for the prosecutor's office to file actual for real charges. Since they haven't yet, the odds are getting better daily that they aren't going to bother. So, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

In other news, Scotti, my house mate and one of my oldest friends is going to be moving out pretty soon, which is a shock but not a surprise. It's all amicable and there's no drama or anything (thank god). It'll be an adjustment, but it's not as big a deal as I'd expected that it'd be. It will make the process of getting custody of my younger son and moving him down here from PA that much smoother, though. Oh yeah, and also, I'm taking custody of my younger son, who has been in a hospital in PA for the last 4-5 years. That's going to be an adventure. He's autistic, has some violent tendencies. However, I'm a fairly peaceable sort, so I think I'll figure out how to make it cool. There will undoubtedly be a few months of BS with the various agencies, because there are going to many, many hoops through which I must jump. But hey, at least I won't be bored. In fact, I've got to go up there for the first week of August to visit him, and have a few supervised visits, because of how stupid their rules are. See, since he's a ward of the court and I'm his father, the system up there assumes that he must have been taken away from me for being some flavor of bad parent. So even though I've never lived with him since the divorce when her was 1, and his mother was the one that abandoned him, I have to prove that I'm not the same abusive bastard that lost custody. The fact that custody was lost in a divorce, and there were never even any allegations of abuse or neglect on my part, I still have to prove that I'm 'better now'... Sigh. There is a silver lining,though. I'll be up in northern PA for the second half of Pensic, so that should be fun. Anyone I know going to be there? In a related topic, I've started hanging out with these Adrian something-or-other who do the whole medieval thing once or two times a month. It's fun, and it turns out that I'm actually pretty handy with a sword, and even handier with two. Cool!

In still other news, the pizza is here, so this post is done.
location: Eldemar
mood: Pizza
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03:04am 12/07/2010 (UTC)
Sounds like you have a lot going on lately. Once Russell's schedule levels out we WILL actually hang out like planned.
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02:46pm 12/07/2010 (UTC)
Goodness! Sounds like horrible drama all round :(
Hope things sort themselves out soonest.
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04:03am 13/07/2010 (UTC)
I appreciate it. But it is all shaping up for the good with the eldest, and all the various govt agency people involved with the custody thing are on my side, since they know what's actually been going on. Some parts are irritating, especially the 'take a week off work every month or so and go to "fucking Pennsylvania" for a few days' part, but it's all just pro-forma hoop jumping to satisfy various regulations and stuff, and they're bending the rules for me where they can, so it'll probably be one of the easiest placements in the history of ever, for whatever that's worth.
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