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08:56pm 14/10/2010
I finally have tools and materials to build things. And there are things that need building. Many things. First and foremost, what I want to build is a trebuchet, for playing Bocce Ball on a grand scale. Yes, Trebuchet Bocce Ball is going to be my next project. I'm thinking that I'll start off (relatively) small. The first set will use bowling balls, and the trebuchet will only be about as tall as me. Still, I expect to get around 50 yards out of it. Any fool can build a trebuchet and lob bowling balls hither and yon, but what will make this one different is the ability to impart the desired spin to the ball, so it does interesting things when it lands. I'm not sure exactly how I'll go about it, but that is the goal. Once I get a working prototype built, then I'll make a bigger one. My goal is to lob basketball sized stones for about 100 yards with both precision and the appropriate spin. It might take me a few months to do that, though.

Other, more immediate goals include turning a few windows into walls, and putting together a working budget for the house, so I don't have to find work too soon. Today, more clearing out was done on the front yard, particularly in regards to the big-assed Brazilian pepper tree, and some manner of ground-dwelling plant that stores water in itself, and makes an excellent home to mosquitoes. Those have to go. The sheer amount of biomass we piled up by the side of the road is awesome. Really, it is mind-boggling how much greenery is being removed. And how much remains. My house is still effectively hidden from the road, and the yard is only the regular suburban sized yard, like you'd see in a regular neighborhood. I'm not entirely at ease removing so much life from my place, but I want to be able to actually use it for more than something to go around or fight my way through. and now, for some manner of food, and perhaps some TV to go with it.
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