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Life is good. (getting ready to duck)  
10:20pm 29/10/2010
Who knew that quitting one's job could so greatly increase the amount of stuff one does on a daily basis. Since I watched that place fade in the mirror, I've been more active and alive than I've felt in years. Maybe it's just my usual Winter thing, but damn, this feels good. So far, I've turned two windows into walls and installed a few extra AC units, poured a concrete pad for the new solar water heater, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also, I've been experiencing a run of luck that has me more than a bit worried. Like, I made just over 6 grand in the stock market in the last two days, (I think I have figured out a kind of system, or something like it; but I'll need more information before I have anything like confidence in it) I bought a near-mint-condition 1979 280-ZXR (guess what the R stands for!) for 500 bucks, and I found out that my house insurance is going to pay for most of the remodeling of the bathroom. Also, the manling finally has his GED, and now just has to take the ASVAB and see if the marines will take him with 'just' a GED. (Which is an actual high school diploma, technically, so it might just be a moot point). Also, I have discovered many things, like how to mix up homemade Sugru, and how to save much marine life from the Gulf.

But anyway, enough with the intro.

So, when Scotti moved out (oh, by the way, Scotti moved out) I claimed the rumpus room as my bedroom, promptly installed a door at the urging of JB, and finally realized my life-long dream of being able to get up in the middle of the night to take a whiz without having to don pants! (Yeah, my needs are simple) The only problem with the rumpus room as a bedroom was the three windows: two normal-sized windows, and one big-assed picture window, which provided an excellent view of two driveways, mine and that of my neighbor across the street.

So, I went down to home depot, and got a bunch of stuff, and a few days later, that window was a wall, with a small AC unit sticking out of it. Having a few years of experience as construction worker/foreman in my history, it was not difficult, but it was very frustrating, until I realized that I was a moron. Here's how that went down: I was working along, (having a blast, I LOVE building and making things) and wondering why the hell it was taking so long. See, my guesstimate of the job told me that it would only take 3-4 hours to get it done. Getting it done, in this case, meant: remove the window, frame up the opening with 2x4s, secure the exterior cement board, install the wiring for the external lights, as well as the lights themselves, cut and install the never to be sufficiently damned pink stuff, cover that with a layer of foil-faced foam board, then the drywall, and seal up the gaps with Great Stuff (it really is, BTW). However, I suddenly found myself 4 hours in to the job, with the sun setting and mosquitoes gathering, and realized I was only a little over halfway done. What in the hell was taking so long?

So, I did the only thing I could think of, I had a can of Mountain Dew (btw, I found and bought several cases of Mountain Dew Throwback, in case they never make it again), a few more Dexedrine, and redoubled my efforts. I finally got it done a few hours later, and went to bed. The next day, I did the same to one of the windows in my office (formerly my bedroom), and again, I grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take. By then, I was getting pissed at myself. It hadn't been _that_ many years since I did this stuff for a living, after all. So once again, caffeine and Dexedrine were doubled up, since I was damned if I was going to let the sun go down on me with a job half-done again. About an hour later, I just stopped cold, and stared at the wall for a few seconds, before giggling a bit to myself and going for a bit of lunch and a smoke, while marveling at how incredibly stupid I had been. Seriously. I can be absent-minded sometimes, but this took the damned cake. 

See, I somehow managed to overlook the fact that the previous experience upon which I drew to guesstimate the time the job would take had involved a work crew. ... Let that sink in for a minute. ... Go on, I'll wait. ... Yeah, I somehow completely forgot to factor in the effect that A CREW OF PROFESSIONAL CONSTRUCTION WORKERS would have on the amount of time the job would take.


But hey, the jobs got done, I realized that I had not been working at some unfathomably slow pace (quite the opposite, in fact), and all was well with the world.

More on the car and the other stuff later. I just noticed that I'm about to be late to a Halloween party.
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