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Glad tidings  
04:20am 09/10/2003
Several bits of good news for the last few days. First off, a friend of mine is a PI, and he's currently working with a Bail bond place. Apparently, the whole bail bond industry is not very "internet aware". The long and short of it is that the guys he's working with are going to give me 700 bucks to work out a system for them that will grab the names and addresses off the daily arrest blotters of three county sheriff’s offices and format them for printing labels. Hell, if I want to make it super-spiffy, I might just set up their computer to print the labels for them automatically. All in all, I'm expecting this to take me about 2 hours to build. That's a lot better than the fifteen bucks an hour I'm making here at Vertigo, LOL.

The other bit of good news is that I just found out that I've not used any of the personal days for this year yet. That means I got to pick three days between now and my Halloween vacation to not come in, and still get paid. Hell yea-uh! The next three weeks between now and my vacation just turned magically into four day weeks, with a nice pretty four day weekend right in the middle. Three four day weeks followed by a road-tripping vacation to see mah peeps in our nations capital, followed by a "stress free" work place... oh yeah, it's happy time for Mr. Kires, and no mistake about it.
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