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Death is bad.  
08:11pm 15/11/2003
I helped a friend of mine move today. I showed up a bit late, which was ok, because so did everyone else. In fact, her and I had my truck nearly loaded by the time the reinforcements arrived in the form of a friendly bald guy and his girlfriend. So naturally, we took a break from the carrying for a while everyone got introduced. pagecrazy went inside to dig out the next batch of stuff to be loaded into the newly arrived truck, leaving to rest of us cooling our heels in the yard. Her doggie, Princess was wandering around, being as friendly as only a hyperactive basset hound can be when they know that something big is going on. I offered to help with whatever strange and wonderful thing she was doing inside, but she told me to shut up and finish my cigarette. My feeble attempt at conscience satisfied, I dropped my hung over ass onto the tailgate of the truck, and did a fine job of holding still. Princess had wandered off a bit, just across the road. The chick that had recently arrived noticed Princess across the street, and said, "Oh, she's gonna get hit by a car." I hate it when people say things like that. I mean, if there is a danger worthy of mention, it ought to be addressed, not commented on. Besides, there were no cars nearby. So I decided that I was just bitchy from the hangover, and it wasn't fair to get irritated over something that trivial, and didn't point out that it's bad luck to speak of bad things that might happen as if they were already fact instead of fear. A few seconds later, a truck went past on the street behind me and hit a pothole with a loud thud, causing it's occupants to yell in surprise. Well, it sounded like it had hit a pothole. Unfortunately, the faces of the two people in front of me indicated clearly that I was mistaken. They ran over to where the dog's body lay, and I hung my head and cussed quietly for a few seconds until Princess's owner came out, asking what had just happened. I told her as gently as I could, and went inside to find an empty box. The silver lining, slim as it was, was that for reasons I won't specify, Princess had been unquestionably deceased before she knew what was going on so there was no suffering at all, at least not on her part. Her owner was being comforted by her friends, so I took away the body as quickly and discreetly as I could. When I got back, the move was going on, kinda like life does. Now I'm at my house again, and I plan to spend the evening here with a pizza, a gallon of milk, and a few movies, pretending that the world makes sense.
mood: sadsad
music: BlutEngel - Black Roses (Single Edit v 2)
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