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done and done  
01:36pm 02/12/2003
Done and done, some less than fun. Feeling spun, run from the sun. None won the ton of plum gum, mum. One bum undone, met and set with the dragon. Come chum! Tum's all numb, still filled yer flagon with rum. Sleepy hum from the drum. Shun all but one, son. Hear me, son? All but one.

Finished the speech Finished the hard copy, garnished it with official MLA flavored parenthetical citations. Finished the MLA formatted works cited page, with periods and parenthesis all as neurotically precise as could be. Transferred the key points to the 3x5 notecards, to help me through the speech, as I'd only finished it in the last half hour. Managed to make the outline lie flat long enough to glue it to the paper, even managing to get all those 4 degrees of hierarchy thing going on it, with A's and B's following dutifully behind the roman numerals, like ducklings trailing merrily along after a very confused opossum. Then, immediately after the time class started, I left for school. With the notecards safely resting next to the printer on my desk, where the was no chance of my losing them.... ::sigh:: The way this prof's grading goes, every assignment is worth a certain number of points, perfection earning one all possible points. The normal stuff is worth 10 points, big projects are more. I did perfect on everything but the explanation, "prove your work" part of the last speech. I did the assignment, and got the right answer... but she graded on the process used, not the result. Lo, darkness did gather around at that news. I asked her directly a few days ago if I had a chance in hell of pulling an A in her class. She said that it was possible, if I scored P-E-R-F-E-C-T on this speech, and the last piddly assignment following it. The little assignment I can do no problem... but the speech is a repeat of the first one in setup and design. It's all about proving that the proper methods were used, the results aren't important. Oh yeah, and the fact that I left my notes at home when I left for class made the presentation a bit... choppy. Hopefully, I didn't flounder and burble as badly as I think I may have. Anyway, Here's the bottom line of this whole dealie-o. If I aced this assignment, I ace the class, and my gpa goes back into the comfy zone. If I score something "other" than perfect, I get a B in the class, which will bring my gpa to just under the 3.5 threshold of the honors program currently padding my academic pimptatude. That will mean that I get no honors classes next semester, and since I've only got the one semester left till graduation, I won't be able to graduate with honors and that means my honors scholarship goes pfft! There are a few other things riding on it as well, but they don't matter till summer, so I'll fret about them later. Oh yeah, and I gave Sera a bath! She's so pretty and shiny now. I knew she was white and all, but damn. Once the dirt and stuff was all washed off, she glowed like a little car shaped moon! I'm pretty sure she ran better after her bath, but that may be just the hallucinations talking. Time for me to go to bed, before something makes me think about giving Sera her new radio. ... aww, damnit!
mood: sleepy, grouchy, dopey, and maybe that funny-looking dwarf, too.
music: :Wumpscut: - Mother
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07:16pm 02/12/2003 (UTC)
Spring Dew: googlies
Yay!!! *rooting for you*
picword: googlies
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