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Let the self-pity begin!  
10:57am 11/12/2003
Just came home from my last class of this semester, and the grades are in. I got a B. That B means that I'm out of the honors program, with no chance to get back into it. I have only 2 classes left till my AA degree, and no matter how well I do in them, it won't be enough to get me back over a 3.5. So that's that. My professor was quite pleased with the speech, and she praised it highly, enthusiastically noting how much I'd improved. Unfortunately, I forgot to arrange my works cited in alphabetical order, and the improvements were not sufficient to bring the presentation aspect to perfection. Well, the fact that I worked on it for two days straight immediately before presenting it didn't help the smoothness of my presentation any. So tonight I plan to get solidly drunk and boogie myself to exhaustion, then come home and get maudlin! Yeah! Maudlin drunkenness, WOO-HOOOOO!
But before all that, I've got to get registered for next semester's classes. Gah! What is this horrible taste in my mouth? oh yeah, that'd be my pride. ::choke, swallow:: I hope it's nutritious, at least. Lord knows it tastes like hell.
mood: crappycrappy
music: Lydia Lunch - Dead in the Head
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05:08pm 11/12/2003 (UTC)
Where are you attending college?
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06:00pm 11/12/2003 (UTC)
PBCC for now. Then once I get my AA, I'll move on to a real college, like FAU or something.
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06:56pm 11/12/2003 (UTC)
That's my plan too, get an AA from PBCC and then transfer over to FAU. It's an unreal process PBCC forces you thru to get old transcripts evaluated - 4 to 6 weeks to determine *if* any credits are transferrable. Real 19th century stuff.

I already have an AAS in Radio Broadcasting, a fun program back in the late 70's/early 80's but a pretty worthless degree in dealing with computers. I'd originally started out after a computer degree way back in '76, but the PC didn't even exist out in the mainstream then and what did exist (keypunching, punch cards, huge platter drives) was just way too frustrating for me, I was just too impatient when young. I mean, it took a huge stack of punch cards to write a simple loop program. Which sucked if you mis-keyed a stroke, not at all fun to debug. Especially if the Op just tossed them all back at you, which was just all too typical.

But since I am going to now be on this weird weekend graveyard shift forever, I might as well go back to school and get a degree. It's a life goal so it really doesn't matter how long it takes. Although I would like to finish before retirement, haha!

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06:46pm 11/12/2003 (UTC)
J Daniel Valencia
yeah a couple people congratulated me when i said i got a b in spanish and i was like, thanks a whole fucking lot!!
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01:22pm 12/12/2003 (UTC)
Dawnst3ar's Paranormal Review
It's funny how people will look at you like you are insane when you get upset over a b.....

Lemme know if ya would like to go for a drink sometime soon. You are missed here man.
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