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(no subject)  
05:58pm 05/01/2004
Starting school tonight. Had a good time in orlando, both at I-Bar andduring the scavenger hunt afterwards. Got pulled over, but didn't get busted. Later on, in a completely unrelated incident, I met a really weird old hooker at an IHOP. I got her a cup of coffee, and she tried to set me up with her cop friend. Something about smuggling drugs, I think, but she was pretty out of it. I left in short order, as that seemed wise. Saw a Dennys full of Rastafarians with really intricately painted cars, kinda like low-riders, but with murals on them. Didn't stay there long, just long enough to shoot the shit with a state trooper for a few minutes, and watch while the rasta's carefully manuvered their cars around the parking lot like giant tetris, getting one of them freed for some reason or another. On the way home, I quit smoking for a month. Realized that I had to get another pack of smokes, and then I thought, why not wait a month to do that? Then I thought, "ok, sure". Then I thought, "awwwwwww, Damnit!". Then I got home and slept for a few days. Now I have to go to school, because the semester's decided to start now, and then I have to go meet some bounty hunters to fix the software I made for their computer. Busy Busy Busy Duck!. And at some point, I have to email Shady and Kat and Ki-ki and Kevin, and tell them all sorts of things. Oh yeah, andandand ... now girls can aim, too! Courtesy of flutewater... The magic cone. I don't see what's so magic about it, though... OK, I'm off!
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: so _that's_ what's missing...
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(no subject)
02:06pm 06/01/2004 (UTC)
Spring Dew: dream eye
Girls could always aim. They just didn't know it.
picword: dream eye
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