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Some holiday or another...  
07:00pm 05/01/2004
Apparently, there was a holiday of some sort today, because when I got to class (late and unprepared, save for coffee) there were these two lost-and-lonely looking souls outside, discussing the twin lackings of professor and fellow students. I sat down and concentrated on my coffee, which was good. I reached into my pocket for my smokes, when I remembered that I had quit for a month. So I put them back in my pocket, and wished my memory were better. A few minutes later, a professor-ish looking sort of person appeared, and told us all kindly and n o t a t a l l c o n d e s c e n d i n g l y that there was no school today or tonight, for that matter. She gave a good reason for this, which I promptly forgot. So now it's just me and the bailer-outer's software... but I've got some time before that.
mood: Coffee Good!
music: Cinema Strange - Winter
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