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change of plans  
09:24pm 21/01/2004
Well, I suppose I should be thankful that she told me at all. apparrently, my mother did not actually agree to go to tombstone. She had agreed to go to north Florida, to hang out with a friend of hers from highschool for a while. I'd rather she went to AZ, but as long as she's away from grandma for a time, that ought to be good enough. So I'm not driving to Arizona tonight, and not flying back here afterwards. Luckily, I had not finalized the tickets yet, lol. So, the road trip is out, but everything else remains the same. It does suck, because it means that I'll be living out in the ass end of nowhere, but there are positive sides to it; that I'll be spending more time with my grandmother and my oldest son, Kevin, mainly. Also, I'll have more time to do a lot of the fixing of stuff around her house that needs doing. Not least of all, grandma is a very wise woman, when she's not spewing vitrolic bile about the people she doesn't like, and she's the family historian, so it is quite likely that a great amount of education is in the offing for me.
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06:24pm 22/01/2004 (UTC)
good luck! i think your mom would have enjoyed tombstone, since it's only for a time and not forever.
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i just realized
12:00am 25/01/2004 (UTC)
still hung up on a lost cause
that you left me a zillion messages after we lost one another at barb's 2 weeks ago. i had turned the phone off, since i wasn't using it for anything, and it wasn't until this weekend that i discovered messages.


next time, better planning?

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Re: i just realized
01:41am 26/01/2004 (UTC)
wow... don't check your voicemail very often, do ya? Well, I hope at least the story told by the messages was entertaining... I don't remember much of the evening after leaving the club... just a few bits and scraps that seem to indicate an adventure of some sort...
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