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Day 1  
09:41pm 26/01/2004
Arrived here in Belle Glade at 9:00. Funny, I usually start journeys at 9:00. am or pm, either one. On the way over, I was sad for some damned reason. Sense of loss, thoughts seemed to bend around the feeling, not the other way 'round. Not sure about the whys of that. Anyway, I got here, reset the breaker on the central air, so now the place is cooling off nicely. Had to coax/lure/order Catticut out of the garage. He's one of the dogs that my mother has adopted. I'm tired now, gonna read till grandma goes to bed, then I'm gonna get some sleep and see what tomorrow brings. I've had a rather draining weekend, with one friend's funeral, finding out that another friend of mine had been arrested, and would likely not be coming back for some time, and finally moving to this ass-end of nowhere town that used to be the AIDS capital of the world till that dubious honor was taken over by some afican city somewhere and now has become one giant paintball range for the local youths. I'm thinking of starting a betting pool on how long it'll be before the first accidental shooting of some dumasstic kid who gets it into his head that it'd be fun to scare a cop with a toy gun.


Goodnight Moon.
mood: snoozysnoozy
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