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The Broken Plate.  
11:13am 22/02/2004
The following is another thing I found among some old papers of my great-grandfather. Man, this guy was cool.

It happenned in a large downtown restaurant during the noon hour. The place was full, all the employees were working at top speed, and one of the younger waitresses was quite obviously new, inexperienced and nervous. Serving a table of four, she dropped an empty service plate to the floor. The crash, of course, resulted in sudden silence and a unanimous turning of heads in her direction. The girl stood wide-eyed and white-faced, overcome with embarassment and fright.
the restaurant's manager prooved equal to the occasion. He approached quietly and esily, smiled, patted her on the shoulder, and said, "Don't give it a thought, Honey. We've got plenty of plates. See?" and reaching for a second plate, smashed it on the floor.
I was about to remark to my wife that I had never seen such a good illustration of the combination of diplomacy, savoir faire and plain human kindness when the other customers must have had the same idea. The spontaneous burst of applause was truly heart warming.
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(no subject)
09:58am 22/02/2004 (UTC)
i like the way he captured the moment in this one. i can see him turning to your great grandmother and the customers clapping.

it's always nice to find things like this.
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Hey There
08:00pm 22/02/2004 (UTC)
Thanks for posting on my site. Spring keeps on mentioning you, and as it turns out I have your desk. Heh. The cleaning crew came and kind of cleaned up like... everything. Your journal is cool and I love your linux anti-christ icon, all kinds of awesomeness. Well I gotta go, "The Company" is trying to keep me down.
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