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Reoccurring theme  
07:28am 30/04/2003
Usually, I only dream when I've already had enough sleep. Lately, I've been having these dreams that aren't all that special in and of themselves, but the common theme is begging notice by simple virtue of repetition. Basically, I'm looking at some item of food or drink, and trying to decide whether or not to partake. Also, there's usually some implied or minor flaw with the item in question. Nothing major or really gross, mind you, just sort of borderline questionable. For example, a glass of milk left out for a few hours. It's not quite "turned" or bad, but I'm not sure I wanna drink it.... Or a steak that's got just a bit too much salt. I'm hungry, but do I want "that" food? My favorite is the ice cream incarnation. It's a bowl of oreo-rocky-road, complete with that magic shell stuff.
Thing is, there's a fly on it. (on the melty, creamy part, not the shell part.) I shoo it away, and then try to decide..... ok, it was a big, ugly fly, and that's kinda gross, but it's my favorite kind of ice cream! So, do I throw out the whole big bowl of yumminess now that it's tainted, or say 'fuck it' and chow down? Thus far, I've always woken up before I made a decision. I'm usually pretty good at deciphering dreams, and this one' got pretty obvious symbolism... but I'm drawing a complete blank on it, and have been now for about 2 weeks.
mood: curiouscurious
music: In Strict Confidence - Tag An Dem Es Frösche Regnet
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