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(no subject)  
03:12pm 14/03/2004
Wow. I'm recovering now, from the weekend. It began Thursday night, and ended Saturday morning. Went out to respects Thursday night, got my little groove on, and generally had a fine time. Tired and sweaty, I went home, took a shower, and then Picked up a friend of mine, for a happy-scrappy trip to the bastion of joy that is MGM/universal, the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Much fun was had, due in part to the presence of that favorite uncle of mine. Afterwards, friend was returned to her house, and I went to Respects again, to finish off the last bits of my energy so I could then sleep. I had a REALLY good time a respects that night, apparently that wonderful uncle of mine likes dancing as much as I do, because when the lights came back up, I was thoroughly worn out and happy. Something strange happened to my tab, as it was much smaller than I was expecting. I was confused, but the bartender of wonderment and greatness (akabettiegirltold me that it was no accident, and I should not be such an idiot. I ceased being an idiot (for a few minutes, at least) and closed it out. I don't know what or who happened to it, but thanks, whoever you may be. Then I hung out for a while with this chick I met, and came back to the house in belle glade, therein to pass from the waking world. I finally awoke around 8-ish this morning, and felt like undercooked ground beef. A few gallons of water and Gatorade later, I felt better, but still fairly slagged. I'm gonna spend the day eating and sleeping, waiting for the muscles in my legs, arms and back to calm down. Tomorrow it's back to work on the trailer, and then to class and such for the educational goodness my career path is in need of. Oh yeah, and my roommate emailed me and told me that they've gotten used to not having me around there in the time I've been gone, so I now get to look for a place to live. No hard feeling or anything, and I can certainly understand their desire for privacy, and my living there was just a temporary arrangement, to help then get on their feet and all. I guess they're on their feet now. That's all for now, I'm gonna climb back into my book, and maybe later I'll go check out Hidalgo, that movie that just came out. Anyone wanna come along and make it a group outing?
mood: Merrily slagged
music: Cruciform Injection - Utopian Landscapes (-:] DigitalGunfire.com [:- [ Industrial Strength Aural Ass
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(no subject)
12:26pm 15/03/2004 (UTC)
It's My Life.
the bartender of wonderment and greatness

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