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The dentist yesterday.  
02:31pm 24/03/2004
Went in for a cleaning/ check up and had that done. Turns out it had been, like, three years since i was last there. I'm happy to say that the lady said my teeth were in pretty good shape considering. I got one 'lil cavity to be fixed and one filling that had come out, and is need of replacing. All in all, not too bad. Except that the cavity was uncovered by the cleaning, which is why I hadn't noticed it before, but now that it's been revealed in all it's glory, it's going to hurt until I get it filled sometime in april. Personally, I think the dentist actually put the cavity there, just to make me come back for more work.... yeah, that's what I think. Tricksy dentist....
mood: Dentist Season!
music: Claire Voyant - Mercy [cut.rate.box mix] (-:] DigitalGunfire.com [:-)
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02:24pm 24/03/2004 (UTC)
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong
Dentist season sucks.

Oral surgery, here I come!
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