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09:01pm 24/03/2004
I've gotta go out. I have really got to go out. For the last few days, I've been feeling strange. Tonight, it's worse. Jittery, irritable, overheating for no reason at all. I wish I knew more about what's going on with me, but all I can tell for sure is that I've got to be OUT somewhere... doing something. The closest word for this feeling is "feral". Not angry or bad exactly, but .... gah! Anyway, I'm going out. Orlando! Yeah... that sounds like fun. I can make I-Bar in 2 hours, and burn some energy off there... so I guess I got some plans after all. Bye.
mood: set to burn
music: Full Frequency - Grounded (-:] DigitalGunfire.com [:- [ Industrial Strength Aural Assault ] [ Indust
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08:51pm 24/03/2004 (UTC)
Kit Kat LeNoir: gothgirl
I totally understand. I've been keyed up all month due to this freelance writing gig, not being happy with my job, and just starting a new relationship (which is nice, but stressful because it's a large change). I've gone dancing at Indie Bar the past two weekends and will probably go out again this weekend. It's like, I can feel the desperation for it in my body. Best of luck getting your own feral-ness out.
picword: gothgirl
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07:55am 26/03/2004 (UTC)
I usually feel that way for a couple of days after a night of heavy drinking. That's just me though.
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