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Lets do the time warp again!  
07:14pm 30/03/2004
I just remembered something some asked me a looong time ago. I forgot to answer them. Until just now. I had just listed some of the mods I had made on Seraphine, my car. I'd taken out the power steering, the heating, the cruise control, and a lot of the other "extraneous" parts, to make her more streamlined, (from an engineering perspective) The question was "why do I hate anti-lock breaks on cars?". Lo, after these many months, here is the answer: I don't hate anti-lock breaks on all cars, just on mine. The short answer is, I object to anti-lock brakes because for me, regular, lockable brakes are safer. I hate anti-lock brakes because I know how to power slide around turns, and they make this impossible to do properly. This can be over-ridden with the parking break, but that's not the same, and it takes concentration away from directing the vehicle. It's not that I do this sort of thing on a regular basis, mind, but I like knowing that I can. Also, in the practical sense, I have very strong and somewhat old-fashioned ideas about the division of labor where machines and people are concerned. Maybe it's paranoid of me, but I have a real big problem with any machine overriding my commands when I'm operating it. Inanimate objects are not known for their intelligence, so that means the operator has to do the thinking. I get real freaked out by the concept of anyTHING deciding which course of action I should take. See, in a car, it's my life on the line, not the car's. The car is not alive, so it has no life to protect. Therefore it should have no say in whether or not I do something dangerous. That's my decision, not the car's. If I don't want to slide, I won't push the brake heard enough to lock up the tires. More than likely, though, if I need to stop in a hurry, I'll put her sideways, as there is greater friction between a sideways tire and the road than a straight-on tire fluttering itself between moving and locked. And, if I'm sideways, I can apply motive power to gain some bit of control over where an impact will take place, instead of having to take it head-on.
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06:08am 31/03/2004 (UTC)
Kyng of all things Skull-ish
Can't you de-pressurize the system, and run your own lines? Or at the least, snip the wires that powwer the ABS actuator so it gets no power?
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01:13am 01/04/2004 (UTC)
Yeah, but then the ABS would be just so much dead weight. Much better, I think, to bypass it and rip it out entirely.
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05:14am 01/04/2004 (UTC)
Kyng of all things Skull-ish
How well buried is it? will yo uhave to tear your car in half to get to some of the goods? Then you'll have to pull the dash ABS light that will be trying frantically to warn you that well, ABS is dead... as you gleefully stand over its bloated, dripping, mangled corpse. "Who's the bitch, now!" you scream at it, cackling gleefully.

Or something like that, It is gonna be a long day.

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