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A Question.....  
09:23am 16/04/2004
OK, so I'm kinda offended at my roomate. I was supposed to take him to the airport this morning, and he left without even coming to knock on my door. He asked me to take him. I agreed, because that's the sort of thing that friends do. I missed out on going to respects last night to make sure I was in the proper state of mind, i.e. "sober", for such an endevor. I awoke at like 5:45, which i judge to be about fifteen minutes after he left. Now, he's got to pay for parking for the time that he's gone, and leave his car at the airport. Personally, I'm pretty pissed off that he just left without even checking with me, clearly indicating that I'm such a toxic person and have such an objectionable presence that paying for parking and giving me the brush off is preferrable to checking to see what was going on. I'm aware that there are nuances of social interaction that I'm not aware of, but damnit, I'm not that scary in the morning! So I'm asking youse guys 'cause you've likely got better social know-how than I do: Am I way out in left field here, or what?

Edit- Looks like I somehow managed to misunderstood the issue from the beginning. Turns out he did not want me to give him a ride to the airport after all. Mea Culpa.
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06:52am 16/04/2004 (UTC)
sapphire pixie
hi there :)

hmm, that is very strange, not like S to be deliberately rude... more likely that he didn't want to wake you up so evilly early and decided to just drive himself rather than inflict such evil early morningness on you... unless you had both talked about you driving him just yesterday, in which case, i am stumped.

that sucks :\

well, obviously i'm a little biased, but i would find out the scoop before getting pissed... (oops too late?) *doh* :\
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12:52pm 16/04/2004 (UTC)
An excellent piece of advice. I shall do just that. I'm not good at being pissed, anyway.
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10:30am 16/04/2004 (UTC)
J Daniel Valencia
even if i didn't know him. i would think by reading your telling that the person just kinda felt bad waking you up and at the last minute sorta wimped out of it. what i MEAN is... it takes most people a little something to ask others to put themselves out, so likely at the last minute he was like, nah, i can probably just go ahead and drive myself, let him sleep you're being too hard on yourself you big dork "eew, kires is all toxicy!!" hee hee.
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11:45pm 17/04/2004 (UTC)
Spring Dew: googlies
Yah, you don't have a poll option for "Yes, it seems kinda rude, but since you don't yet have the whole story, it's better to put off being offended."
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01:23am 19/04/2004 (UTC)
Nanospleen! (v2.0)
I never asked you to take me to the airport. I had planned on driving myself to the airport from day one.

I asked you to pound on my door if you happened to be awake at around 4:30 or so and saw that I wasn't awake. I figured you would go to RSC and would be wandering in around that time anyway.

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03:53am 19/04/2004 (UTC)
Benjamin: thought
I must've misunderstood, then. Oopsie.
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