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Everything you ever wanted to be ...  
09:10am 22/04/2004
You have always been. Every fight you ever fought; every struggle you ever endured, every piece of hell that made you what you are today... it was all for nothing. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. Because you always were as you are. You didn't change, or grow, or anything, not at all, not one bit. It was all for nothing. One more time, just to bring it on home:
It. Was. All. For. Nothing.
As strong as you ever wanted to be, as strong as you'll ever be, YOU ALREADY ARE. And worse yet... you always have been, dumbass! That's the punch line of this joke called life. There really is nothing to lose, and nothing to fear. Death? Guess what. You're gonna die someday, so there's no sense being scared of that. What there is to be scared of, though, is much more horrible than that. It's the terrible realization that you've sold yourself short all this time. Every weakness that ever held you back... every opportunity that you ever passed on because you thought you might fail... it was all in your head. Welcome to hell, dipshits.

Trials and tribulations don't make you stronger, you morons. They simply draw your attention to how strong you already were, you fucking idiots. You didn't notice it before because you're stupid. It took a little piece of hell to slap you in the head hard enough to get you to see how capable, tough, and really, just generally fucking amazing you really are. Catch that, you walking lobotomy cases? You're fucking amazing. I'll say it one more time, for the slow ones in the back ... YOU'RE FUCKING AMAZING! You can do anything, really. What makes you so blazingly imbicillic is that you pretend to be all weak, and hurt, and wounded, and scarred, and it's all a crock of steaming shit! You people (and I use that term loosely) have been evolving now for what, eighty thousand years? And this world isn't exactly club med, you know? With me so far, numbskulls? See, if you were really weak, or fragile, or half as incompetent as you pretend to be, you'd have bred yourselves out of existence thousands of years ago. This is not an easy world. The fact that you exist means that your mind is the end result of (say it with me now) EIGHTY THOUSAND YEARS of R&D in a really fucking harsh environment, namely, the earth. So what has happened to you that is so much worse that the primeval shit your ancestors not only survived, but fucking adapted to, that could possibly make you want to curl up and die? Really, what has happened to you that you are not prepared (by EIGHTY THOUSAND YEARS of evolution) to deal with?

What, I ask you, can you not handle?

You can do anything, literally. ANYTHING. Every bit of genius that you've ever though possible... it's all already there, in your head. All you have to do is stop getting sidetracked with all this BULLSHIT for a few seconds, and just simply SEE what you actually are. Christ! There's nothing you troglodytes can't accomplish, if you'd only fucking THINK about it for a few seconds. Leonardo De Vinci was an amazing fella. What's truly pathetic is that he was so amazing compared to the rest of you. Any one of you could have done the same things he did, but no, you're too busy watching TV, and trying to figure out which bedroom set really defines you, as a person. See, you always were that cool, and just didn't know it, because you're humans, and humans are dumb. But I digress. (See? I'm just as hopelessly pea brained as the rest of you!) Nothing you've ever overcome has done any good for you at all, because you always had everything you think you gained from it. Your soul is not a muscle, you coporealy obsessed retards! It doesn't get stronger with exercise! I'm tired of telling you helmet-wearing window lickers how good this world could be if you'd just stop torturing yourselves and each other for no god damned reason. (other than proving that you can, you sadistic sacks of ooze) So this is the last I have to say on the subject. Listen close, because it might be a bit too complicated for your primitive brains to grasp in all it's complexity. Ready?


Just ... fucking ... STOP IT!

Yes, it really is that fucking simple, you brainless talking monkeys. Aww, Christ. You're probably offended by the aspersions I've cast upon your intellectual capacities, you knuckle dragging hairballs... Just goes to show how hopelessly stupid you really are. If you think I've insulted you, you twits,... please actually 'read' what I've writ here... k?

That's all I have to say. I have nothing more to give. I'm done. Fuck you all, and good night.
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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Experience ...
11:26am 23/04/2004 (UTC)
Spring Dew: religious diversity
... is for waking up to that fact.
picword: religious diversity
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lovely dichotomy
08:07pm 27/04/2004 (UTC)
strange the things we happen upon accidentally
i needed that
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(no subject)
07:45pm 01/05/2004 (UTC)
skitty: splashmt
Doesn't realizing how strong we already are make us stronger? I mean, if only because we now know we are capable of more than we previously thought? The power of the human brain is staggering. Aside from that, I completely agree with you.
picword: splashmt
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(no subject)
09:33am 07/05/2004 (UTC)
Benjamin: talk
Knowing about it makes it possible for one to use it, true. My point is just that it was always there to begin with.
picword: talk
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