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Danced too hard.... damn.  
09:56am 22/04/2004
Last night, I went out to club O'Zone to get mah 'lil groove on. I think I got perhaps a bit too much groove on... At some point, I felt someting inside my left ankle go crunch. Suddennly, it would hold no weight, and I nearly fell over. Made it as far down as one knee and two hands, lol. So naturally, I had another shot of tequila, and kept on dancing... Now, several hours later, I'm thinking maybe that was a bad idea. My usual method for determinig if medical attn is called for is if whatever it is hurts so bad that I can't sleep. It didn't really hurt until I got home... I offerred my roomate even odds on whether or not I'd be able to walk when I got up. He didn't take them, and maybe I'm thinking that he should have. Heh. We'll see, I guess. When I got up to get some drink from the fridge, there was pronounced gimping, and now it's hurting pretty bad. I'm gonna try to sleep it off, and see how it feels when I get up. Since no-one's ever died from a sprained ankle before, I'm not gonna worry too much about it. Anybody know any charms for busted feet?
mood: hurt
music: my own whimpering
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08:16am 22/04/2004 (UTC)
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong
I don't know any charms, but I know a good podiatrist in Pembroke Pines...
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11:12am 22/04/2004 (UTC)
soak it in epsom salt. awhile back i thought i broke one of my big toes. it was swollen and i could harldy walk on it. after soaking it in epsom salt once, it went completely away - it's like tenderizing raw meat.
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01:29pm 22/04/2004 (UTC)
Dammit!! Do I need to buy you a walker, too???
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01:50pm 22/04/2004 (UTC)
Just make sure it's got a straight 6 in it, and it'll be just fine. Actually, here's a nice walker you could buy me:

I guess I am getting kinda old, what with turning 29 and all, so a walker would be prolly just the thing I need... uhmmmm... Hey! Wanna see my quasimodo impression?
::duck and ru- uhmmm, hobbles/gimps away as fast as I can::
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