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No Fun Land  
06:06pm 22/04/2004
My ankle is fucked. I can walk on it (so I guess that it's a good thing my roomate didn't take me up on the bet) as long as there is no lateral motion at all. I don't even have a bad limp... as long as there is no lateral motion "at all". But the tiniest little bit of sideways bending or twisting... and it gives out, and tries to drop me on my ass, (That would be the left side of my ass, to be specific....) much to the theorhetical enjoyment of those not around to see. So, there will be no getting on of the groove for me tonight, or any night soon, unless my owie foot decides to miraculously heal itself. Damnit.
mood: disappointeddisappointed
music: none, yet
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03:56pm 22/04/2004 (UTC)
The Slayer
Soak it, soak it, soak it!!!
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12:58am 23/04/2004 (UTC)
J Daniel Valencia: beautysiouxsie
No fun land. I've been there. You stand on line for three hours and there's you're third grade teacher at the end of the line selling pencils. Damn that bitch.
picword: beautysiouxsie
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03:29pm 25/04/2004 (UTC)
indeed. damn her to the blackest pit of impotable hell.
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